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12 November 2030 @ 05:15 pm
[ i love lions. roar. ]

Hi from the cast of How I Met Your Mother.

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Partially locked.
Have a nice day, xo.
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05 December 2015 @ 02:09 am

I am slowly switching over to Blogger (yas finally lol). Started Blogger yet again on a solemn note so... not quite sure if its a permanent change but I kind of want to keep the happy vibes here in Livejournal.

Might still update here once in a while (depends on my mood) ahaha so if you're really keen on my life etc you can try your luck here and my Blogger account:

Cya around, xo.
05 July 2015 @ 02:00 am
Self love is so important. Because when you’re all alone and it’s 3 in the morning
and you’re lying on the floor crying and shaking and wishing it all would end,
who’s going to be there for you? You. You have to pick yourself up and find the strength to carry on.
At the end of the day, you’re all you’ve got.

TIme for a short update!!

Unlike last year, I didn't participate any social camps this year as a facilitator cause I feel that I'm getting too old for all these rahrah-ness (though ironically im the same age as most of the male incoming freshies LOL...) But anyway, this means I have more time for work!! Initially decided to get either an internship or part time job, but was lazier compared to my peers in sending out resumes so I didn't manage to get any internships this summer break though I did managed to get a part time job as a Cooking Studio Assistant (more of receptionist and prepping ingredients kind of gurl), so since school will be starting in a few weeks' time, I'm trying to earn and save up as much as I can. It's also really tough getting tuition jobs lol idg how my friends can juggle 3-4 when I barely got one... It's also cause I'm picky la HAHA

As mentioned previously, I really wanted a getaway.. so what was originally planned to be a short getaway to Austraila or Bali or Batam was eventually reduced to a day (food) trip to JB. But its ok, its the company that matters!! Haven't been seeing my babes for so long... can't wait to see them this coming Saturday for the trip:)

Was offered a vacant slot to Lund University in Sweden for Y3S2 a week ago or so, but eventually rejected it. The main concern is living expenses which can go as high as 10k-15k and this would mean scrimping and saving for a very very long time... for the next semester, the exchange period in Sweden and even post-exchange... Ah well... This also means more opportunities to try to improve my dance in Singapore, what with the upcoming CAC+US in February. I'm also currently part of the R Recital 2015 for Mel's Waacking item!! So so thankful to her for even choosing and believing in me cause I believe there's definitely more experienced waackers who can perform her item better :') Gotta get them heels and start practicing in them soon!!

In short, I'm just glad I didn't spend my summer lazing around. True, I can't get much useful experience for my future career path, but at least I'm earning my keep and doing what I love (dance). Had some pretty bad days recently but here's to better days ahead!!


01 July 2015 @ 12:28 am

Finally done with these icons for females20in20 omg not easy when I had over 14-16 undone few days ago... With work and dance its pretty crazy but I did it yay ahaha

And just a special shout out to the mod, mylengrave for being so accomodating with all the time extensions when she could simply go ahead with the voting rounds and all!!

Sigh will update again soon about the summer holidays thus far but first:


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Comments are very much appreciated thank you!!
Do also credit arcaneidealist if taking, xo
14 May 2015 @ 12:34 am

Its been about two months since I last posted...? School, as in academics, became a lot more busier after recess week. And amidst all the projects and assignments, I found myself to have greater passion for real estate. :') Till now though I've yet to find a suitable internship (I rejected one which wasn't what I was looking for just earlier today) and I hope to find one by this weekend!! It is also my fault for not putting in the effort to send out resumes, partly because I feel that I cannot compete against my smarter, more eloquent peers. But I'm not gonna waste any more time!! Part of the reason why I gave up my summer programme (1 month in Hanyang University in Seoul, Korea) was to use this time to gain more exposure as compared to my peers. That being said, I still want to get out of Singapore before the next semester. That's what I've been telling people, 'I wanna get out of Singapore!!! Anywhere also can, just out of Singapore omg.' There's actually two possible plans in place, aka I have a destination in mind and people to go with but the sole issue is whether I can go overseas with my friends. Let's hope I can and if all goes well... a week of well-deserved summer trip before school starts hehe :>

Caught two movies post-finals!! Age of Adaline (Blake Lively is such a goddess omg <3 and though he wasn't a lead, Anthony Ingruber is another good-looking guy too omg <3)

And then there's AGE OF ULTRONNN hehehe omg I'm just super happy to see all them Avengers on-screen hehe love them SOOOOO MUCH :') and their awesome interviews omg just a bunch of grown-up babies <3

06 March 2015 @ 11:42 pm

Finally had the time to update about what happened last month!! So yeah, first of all there's CAC+US. My second CAC+US actually!! Really really gratifying to know that many people love our item (the most) hehe and really glad that my family got to watch it live this time (though my sis can't make it cause she sick) and also really (alot of really's here LOL oops) glad to get to know the juniors better hehe :> Okay, gonna spam some photos here woohoo!!
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Okay gonna update my birthday and CNY photos next time ahaha this is enough visuals for now.

Till then!!


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25 January 2015 @ 02:32 am

Sometimes I wonder if I'm ever gonna switch to Blogger again. Hmm... Probably not this year ahahaha.


School started 2 weeks ago and I'm still adjusting. It was pretty bad, considering I'm busy with dance practices and party planning I hadn't gave school much thought. Not forgetting my horrid results last semester I honestly don't know how long I can keep going, keep being this optimistic that life will get better, that it wasn't a mistake to get into university, or to even pursue a junior college education in the first place. But I'm just gonna keep holding on to this strand of hope that it wasn't all that bad. Good things did occurred over the past few years. Among many small defining moments, I met wonderful people, I found passions in areas I never thought I would. I got out of my comfort zone and was no longer that invisible girl, that immensely socially awkward girl people avoids, that wallflower no one bothers to look for.

Because everything is built on happenstance.

And I am grateful for where I am now. Yes maybe even academically. Maybe not being offered a slot for exchange is the chance for me to spend more time with my family. Having stayed home after a year of hall for the last semester made me value my family a lot more. I guess that's what happens when you mature; you notice the ever-increasing strands of grey and wrinkles, you value and understand their kind intentions beneath their scoldings, naggings. Things you never care for as a teenager.

On to less gloomy stuff!!

I went for Junko and Nishi's waacking workshop with Nic despite mia-ing for waacking open classes at Mel's for the past few weeks due to CAC+us practices but omggg my passion for waacking just gotten bigger. I even, unwillingly, took part in this 'cat war' cypher-like thing with another (zai) waacker (who I don't know at all) in front of all the other skilled waackers ok I must have looked like a joke :'( But Nic said what I did was a legit cypher so thankfully it wasn't that baddd?? I hope... Ah well what's done is done. Hope to only get better from here:)

CAC+us '15 is happening in a few weeks' time and I'm pretty psyched for it hehe my family will be coming down to watch though I'm only in 1/2 of the item... But this CAC+us event was always more for the juniors anyway!! I hope it'll be a memorable experience for them like it was for me:)

Lastly, having been to Sherie's and Gilda's birthday parties, both of which had their own unique elements, whereas I had only just decided on my theme few days ago lol, I am abit behind time. Gotta get the catering settled soon cause it's probably the peak period since it's just before CNY and decorations decided and ordered and that takes time too oh no good luck to me guys :<

me basically
01 January 2015 @ 07:56 pm
Hi there!!

So in summary, I felt that 2014 was pretty good to me in the sense that I:

  1. Entered KR Hall and got a taste of life in that hall and also grew quite abit there

  2. Went for CAC+us 2014 and leveled up

  3. Started partying and it was pretty enjoyable ahahaha

  4. Had my first ever battle and although I screwed it up, I'm glad that I didn't back out

  5. Went for funk committee interview at a whim and got in

  6. Fully utilised my summer holidays at camps and made a whole new bunch of friends

  7. Took up performances during the holidays too and leveled up a little

  8. Signed up for waacking course during the holidays too and gained a newfound passion for it

  9. New haircut and received alot of praises for it LOL but on a serious note, thanks everyone for lighting up my day with your kind words:')

  10. Greater passion for real estate course too

  11. Managed to survive a hall-less + committee commitments + projects-filled crazy term

  12. Overall, became a lot more appreciative of friends and family alike. Guess this is what happens when you truly grew up; you start to value those around you more.

So as 2015 begins, it's time for those New Year resolutions. Looking back at the new year resolutions I've made in the past (2013 and 2014), I would say I did pretty good sticking to them thus far:

: improve skin complexion, be less socially awkz (hey I think I did improve... HAHA)
x: exercise more (other than dance) and eat breakfast (lol look at the time I wake up everyday man...)

: prioritise yourself, smile more, cherish friends and family
x: have kinder thoughts, join a marathon
*the rest idk where to put them ahaha

Ok anyway, for 2015, here goes:
Be fitter. Really. I am aware all along of how unhealthy I am, refusing the greens and even going by a day or two without water. So for this year, I am really gonna try to put in effort to be healthier. But baby steps la guys ahahaha. Let's hope I really get to join a marathon some time in 2015.

Travel overseas. Given that exchange programme is now out of the question due to my lousy CAP, I've been aiming for summer programme... Hopefully I'll get a slot. I really really really want to travel overseas. Everytime I bring up the topic with my parents, they'll say things like, very expensive, no money (even tho there's budget airlines and stuff lol) and my friends rarely put the traveling into action. I'm guilty of it too, cause more often than not, I'm the one who's likely to not be able to make it for the trip due to my parents. But hopefully being 21 this year will allow me to do things I truly want to. I've also set up a travel fund with a small jar to start saving up... HOPE I FULFIL THIS RESOLUTION hehe

Have kinder thoughts. Yeah if you realise just abit further up, I didn't manage to fulfil that in 2014 (aka yesterday... LOL). Through some bad times last year, my mind was mainly preoccupied with horrible thoughts and I'm trying to change that. This isn't easy and definitely takes time and tremendous effort on my part.

Anyway, I kinda feel that 2015 will be my year (somehow) cause well, my birthday is 15-02-2015 this year (almost symmetric(?) la LOL) and YES its the coolest date in the whole of this year hahahahaha #suchdelusion #wtvman So point is, I'm gonna make this my year too. Yep, 2015 here we go!!
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30 December 2014 @ 12:57 am
Hi there.

Just a brief update on my life. So recently... -looks thru insta- Yep, had another stayover with the funk comm at Jianyu's house again!! It kinda turned into a photoshoot thanks to the batik pants Nic got us from bkk ahaha welfare jiu shi welfare. But the free size pants are like just nice for him so... can you imagine it on me HAHAHA #shortpeopleproblems

This Christmas I spent it with three wonderful girls.
Christmas Day itself was spent at Yy's house with Yy, Hj and Ly, preparing a late Christmas lunch (rosti + cheese sausage + salad + egg + tea) with alcohol (I forgot whats it called) as some after-meal treat ahaha. Thinking of it now makes me pretty hungry omg it's really good but just a little unhealthy probably yeahhh. The tea was kinda to offset the fats... HAHAHA
Then just yesterday (Sunday), I met up with my RE babes for a belated Xmas celebration!! Basically we just had a (pretty last minute) Secret Santa. It's pretty last minute in the sense that we are still confirming if we are meeting up yesterday on Friday night, then I asked if we're gonna have SS as we initially was to have. Then names drawn, wishlists made, and woots, last minute shopping on Saturday LOL. I was immensely thankful for living in Tampines because there's just 3 malls beside one another and a freaking pasar malam just beside the MRT station (not forgetting the pushcart stores at the interchange).
Ok anyway. After I bought the gift I went to meet Aliah, Mabz and Char. The guys were supposed to come too but they cmi... Full attendance soon I hope!!:) Great catchup with Aliah too ahaha and the Ice Cream Shop (yes thats its store name) nearby was cheap and affordable too as compared to other ice cream shops nowadays. Even though the weather's pretty horrible these days (unless you're indoors then that's another thing altogether ahaha) but its the company that matters still!!:)

Onto yesterday's SS!! We're kind of guessing who is who's SS cause all of us said 'it's (the gift) damn obvious' HAHA. So while waiting for our food at 18 Chefs', it was relevation time!! So exciting ahaha I guessed mine correctly!! It was Sherie hehe and Yx guessed me correctly. Glad that she likes the gift:))

This holidays have been nothing short of exciting and fun. Great end to 2014. May 2015 be better.
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08 December 2014 @ 03:01 pm

So here's a proper post to sum up all that that has occurred since the end of finals! The uni clique went to this ramen restaurant for a (well-deserving...?) feast ahaha where we pretty much just chatted for the next few hours. -inserts zen emoji- Then there's the sleepover which was hard to come by. Why you may ask? Because even as I'm almost 21, my parents are still as restrictive/strict/conservative/etc you get the gist. Sometimes I believe its the oldest-sibling syndrome, because my friend's (with two older brothers) mum is super chill about her going out etc. Other times I think its just my parents. Either way, I really want to get out of Singapore too but that's unlikely. Then there's the impromptu shopping trip with liying hehe and dinner with her and yuyun yesterday. Huijie can't make it tho cause she had her submission today but its ok we will all meet together soon <3 Oh and I've also been catching up on OUAT and omg it is so gooddd But surprisingly I'm #teamswanfire now ahaha as charming as Hook may be, I still don't see it between him and Emma :/ #teamrumplefire too but most impt of all... #teamrumplebelle hehe ultimate ship on OUAT <3

Then there's the 21st birthday which I've started to really plan ever since finals ended. Ok tbh I started in early November if I'm not wrong. That's when I started to finally understand the attractiveness of Pinterest HAHAHA. But there's just so much to consider. Hopefully I can get my friend's function room then I wouldn't have to turn to chalets because honestly... there's nothing special about holding it in chalets given that I've been there often when I'm in secondary school. There's also me trying to be accomodating to others' preferences (or what I think they prefer) when, like what my sister said, ultimately it's my party. As spoilt brat as this may sound, it is true. I don't wanna wind up feeling sad after it all when I realised got my priorities mixed up. On a related note, I will be putting up a proper post after the party on all the things I did for mine because when googling, I realised that most blog posts are by those who earn by blogging, aka they usually have sponsored, if not discounted, stuff like cake, catering, photobooth, etc. There are a few, but little posts of those who are like me, middle-income group. So yeah, will do up a post by then!! Hopefully all goes well by then:)

Among these, there's still dance practices for the upcoming dance performance next year... just 2 days from my 21st party HAHAHA. Just hope that my party planning won't go haywire with all the dance practices and school (when it starts in Jan)
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